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WHOSTHAT is a fashion brand of breakthrough, It contains collections of ladies fashion, scarves and accessories. We believe fashion is not only about trend. It inspires the world with new vision.

We see fashion as  an unique mix of crafts from the past, through the process of rework and breakthrough in the present,   that forms the traditions of the future

We aim to create timeless aesthetics with uncompromising quality, unusual materials, and workmanship for our customers. Rework craft and art into fashion and accessories; to embrace the beauty of nature, and the prestige of handcrafts.

Meiyi Cheung,  the brand’s founder and designer, were awarded Fashion Designer of the year 2014 by IDA. Her fine art pieces  were exhibited in the Hong Kong Heritage Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei. Currently, total five of her handmade fashion pieces are permanently collected by the Hong Kong Heritage Museum. 

 It is a brand of breakthrough


It delivers unique and innovative fashion products

to modern city women

 who love fashion, creativity as well as fine art.




It is a timeless surprise

Our fashion products are unique, and contemporary,

created to be appreciated as an art piece

yet they are wearable, and affordable.  

There is no thread no stitch

extraordinary from day to night

Our clients are all unique individuals

who would like to be somebody, not nobody.

They are art and fashion lovers,

and always young at heart.

creativity for everyday every woman

Our fashion products are unique, and contemporary,

 created to be appreciated as an art piece

 yet they are wearable, and affordable. 



rework craft and art

They are well made, well design in details

 and best use of material.




More than a print,

it's Sotheby's photography &

original hand paintings

uncompromised quality, cutting & workmenship

The most important of all, this is a fashion brand

about product value and lifestyle.

We will not not sacrifice quality & creativity for speed.