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About the designer

got to know about our designer meiyi,
you need to spend more time and patience, 
as her CV is super long....
Meiyi gained her 
Master of Arts in Design, 
Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design 

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.




Advanced Certificate of Architectural Studies



Key Work Experience, Professional Affiliations, Community & Social services

2020 -  present  Design Admission Panel Member, Hong Kong Design Centre 

2019 - present member of the Statutory Panel of Adviser, Film Division of The Office for Film, Newspaper and Article Administration, Hong Kong SAR

2018-2020 Lay Member of Creative Arts, Performing Arts & Design Panel of Research Assessment Exercise 2020, the University Grants Committee

Mar - Oct 2018 Co-curator of the Charismatic Rebirth of Yore, Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei.

2017 Member of Trade and Industry Advisory Board (TIAB), HKSAR.

2016 Member of Advisory Committee on Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic & Vocational Qualification

2016 Member of Advisory Committee on Institute of Textile and Clothing, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

2013 - present Design Director and owner,  WHOSTHATshop

2013 Judge panel member of Yong Design Talent Award 

2012 -2013 Assessment Panel Member , Design-Business Collaboration, Scheme Hong Kong SAR

2007-2013 External Assessor and Member of the Board of Examiners, the Diploma of Fashion, The Hong Kong University SPACE.

2003-2016 Executive Committee Member of the Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association

2009-2011 Assessment Panel Member, CreateSmart Initiative (design) Assessemnt, HKSAR

2006-2014  Executive Design Consultant,公司, GuangZhou, Mainland China.

2005 - 2009 Executive Design Consultant, Luen Thai Holdings Limited

2003 - present, Founder and Owner, Paragon Design Limited

2001 -2003 Design Director, Pentland Asco.

1993 - 2001 Head of Design Department, Camberley Enterprises Limited



2015-2016  Asian Finalist for the International Woolmark Prize

2016-2017  Asian Finalist for the Internatinoal Woolmark Prize

2016 The Bronze of the A Design Award (Italy)

2015 Fashion Design of the Year 2014

(International Design Award of USA)

2015 The Merit of Design for Asia Award

( Hong Kong )

2010  Nominee of the Ten Outstanding Designers Awards of Hong Kong Art & Design Festival

Design without boundaries

Meiyi is not only a fashion designer who always executes the balance of creation and commerce well in her designs, her belief in “design without boundaries” also leads her to multi-disciplinary design practice and participation in art related activities. Besides, she also starts to combine architectural design with fashion concepts to further perfect her infinite world of design. In 2003, she founded Paragon Design Limited to offer design solutions to the industry, focus in design team restructure,  refine design direction, improve product value to increase brand and business competitiveness in the market.

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"My works would never be so tangible

to exhibit with art installation as a whole,

in the galleries or museums, 

than on the runways."

by meiyi

Other than runway shows,

Her work has been exhibited in various design exhibitions

and fashion shows.

Such as, she was invited by the Hong Kong Heritage Museum to create 7 fashion pieces

for the exhibition Fashion + Paper, Scissors and Rock

from 2016 to 2017.

In 2018, 

she was invited by the Museum of Contemporary Art,Taipei,

 to exhibit her fashion works

in "The Charismatic Rebirth of Yore" exhibition for 2 months.

A fashion designer with works collected by museums

Currently, 5 of meiyi's fashion works featured bolts and nuts construction are collected by the Hong Kong Heritage 

In 2017

Meiyi's works were exhibited in the “20*43 Hong Kong matter” tour exhibition in China


In 2012 

Meiyi was invited to exhibit her works in the Haptic Interface Exhibition at Koo Ming Kown Exhibition Gallery.


Beyond exhibition in Gloria 225 Gallery at Guangzhou


"Art meets Fashion" in the Karin Weber Gallery, Central of Hong Kong

Meiyi's Paintings

There are total 10 paintings

displayed at the lobby and in the 9 elevators

of the Four Seasons' Hotel, Beijing

Meiyi's Stone Piano

A stone piano was made by Meiyi

in the "Play me, i am yours" Street Art Campaign.

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